Palestinian American Bar Association

Upcoming PABA Events

August 13, 2024

5pm Palestine
12 noon U.S. East Coast
9am U.S. West Coast
9am U.S. West Coast

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August 22, 2024

Local Event for PABA Members in South Florida
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August 27, 2024

Zoom Event for PABA Members
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Full Events Calendar (includes events sponsored by other organizations) 

The below calendar includes events sponsored by other bar associations and organizations that may be of interest to PABA members. This calendar is for informational purposes only, and PABA does not specifically endorse the views or actions of any other organization.  

If your organization wants to add an event to this calendar, please email  

Overview of Events and Initiatives

Prior Events and Initiatives


PABA's Mentorship Program aims to connect law students and junior attorneys with practicing attorneys for mentorship.   Mentorship plays an important role in every aspiring legal professional’s career. Law students and junior attorneys can gain key insights, advice, and resources from mentor-mentee relationships, and PABA strives to encourage mentor-mentee relationships across our membership. 


PABA has hosted several national and local networking events for our members, and through these events members have connected and obtained advice, jobs, and referrals.


PABA aspires to provide scholarship opportunities in the near future.

Educational Opportunities

One of the many goals of PABA is to share our knowledge and expertise amongst one another, so we may provide sound assistance to our respective underserved and underrepresented communities. PABA was founded with the desire to implement several educational initiatives for our members to learn and grow within PABA, and to continue to educate our communities.  

PABA has hosted several informative legal workshops and webinars on pressing topics, including immigration, knowing your rights in the workplace, and many more. 

Referral Network

Our referral network is up and running!  PABA members routinely connect with one another and share expertise, knowledge and opportunities.  

Rapid Response Group

In our current climate with ever-changing regulations impacting our communities, we need to be able to mobilize efficiently in times of action. PABA has responded in a timely manner to address critical issues facing our members and all Palestinian Americans.